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This project is on hold for the forseeable future. Even though we are currently pursuing other projects, spatial computing, signage and architecture are exciting topics that we still love to explore. We are always interested in hearing your thoughts, comments and opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in Destinations!

The first spatial aware signage
development environment

You’re working with signage and wayfinding systems?

Focus 1

Aid designers in analyzing project sites.

Focus 2

Eliminate repetitive tasks and simplify management of signage databases.

Focus 3

Use simulation to preview sign concepts before production.


Based on the three main areas of focus, we created a vision for the Destinations application.

Learn about the concept
Route Creation and sign placement Route Creation and sign placement Route Creation and sign placement

Our core features

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Route Creation

Keep track of your visitors routes.

Signage Database

Automated signage database for all your created routes and templates.

Signage placement

Sign placement and exploration made easy.


Simulate and test your developed signage systems in 3D.